Proposal In A Special Place
With Laura & Andrew



Taking a break on Burgh Island in Devon, was Laura and Andrew’s favourite place to be.

Laura was desperately trying to close the computer on work, but still had a little to do, she was completely unaware of what was about to happen…

On a freezing cold day last year in New York, Alex was waiting for the right moment to ask that all important question. Lauren remembers it well, with her fingertips frozen, Alex was insistent on walking to a certain special place in ‘Central Park’ he had read about.

Andrew had a very important question to ask but he waited patiently for the right moment. Finally, with the laptop closed, Andrew saw an opportunity to make his move! The sun was shining as they walked hand in hand in their romantic place without a care in the world. Andrew asked that all important question. We all know what happened next and because of this, Burgh Island will always remain their special place by the sea

We met up in Birmingham somewhere closer to home for their pre-wedding shoot, where they share many fond memories, of walking in the park and taking drinks at the ‘Jam House’ after work until early hours of the morning. It was just perfect…as I know their wedding will be later on this year.