Cheshire Pre-Wedding Shoot with Sophie & Phil

2 Mar 2018
Karen Massey

Pre-Wedding Shoot 


Marrying your childhood sweetheart.

When I heard Sophie & Phil’s story, it filled me with goosebumps….

I love going to shoot new locations, so when I was told they wanted their pre-wedding shoot at Tatton Park, it seemed the perfect spot, as I could fit it in with visiting family in Lancashire. They were so right with their choice, a stunning piece of Cheshire.

It was somewhere Sophie & Phil liked to visit, enjoying walks through the amazing grounds, drinking coffee and taking life at the pace it should be.

Although having spoken with each other, we hadn’t actually met before. Understandably they were feeling slightly nervous, although it soon became apparent it was for no good reason other than, no one likes to be in front of the camera. They were complete naturals within minutes.

Having the  chance to get to know them both, I heard how they met at secondary school and how love had blossomed from there.

Still together 14 years later after supporting each other through their school days, uni days and all the days in-between.

Knowing they were always meant to be together, Phil seized the moment to romantically propose whilst on holiday in Florida.

Being the perfect match, I could talk on and on about these two. I know however, you want to see how we got on with our shoot, on the most beautiful sunny day, where deer ran wild in the beautiful Cheshire countryside.

Sophie & Phil, I cant wait to be with you both on your wedding day and photograph every single detail for you; where once again I will be taken  to yet another beautiful location that I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting before.

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