Pre-Wedding Shoot With Lauren & Alex

13 Sep 2017
Karen Massey



It was December 2014, Lauren and Alex had taken a trip to New York.

They have been together for 8 years after meeting in the sixth form at Princethorpe College, Lauren knowing she had found her happy ever after.

On a freezing cold day last year in New York, Alex was waiting for the right moment to ask that all important question. Lauren remembers it well, with her fingertips frozen, Alex was insistent on walking to a certain special place in ‘Central Park’ he had read about.

Once there Lauren didn’t suspect a thing, thinking Alex was tying a shoe lace, this was the moment Lauren had dreamed of. With a “to die for” ring that had travelled 3500 miles, Alex asked the all important question. Glowing from ear to ear and any thought of being frozen, melting away; the answer was obvious.

I am very much looking forward to their wedding in a few short weeks time to see what other surprises Alex may have in store!!!

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