Warwickshire Pre-Wedding Shoot with Frankie & Rich

20 May 2018
Karen Massey

Pre-Wedding Shoot 


So you are on a gorgeous holiday in Majorca and out of the blue your boyfriend asks you to marry him…..what do you say.


….and so the wedding plans begin.

I met up with Frankie & Rich at their STUNNING  wedding venue for their pre wedding shoot. It was a gorgeous evening after the storms and wet weather had passed. Wandering through the grounds we chatted about all their wonderful plans which will unfold to all their guests in just two short weeks time (YES Rich, you read that correctly….two weeks time) Where has that time gone they asked themselves but they are as ready as they are ever going to be, every single detail in place. They have many surprises  for their guests and I for one can not wait to capture their day in all its splendour.

Here are a few of my favourites from our beautiful evening, in a gorgeous hideaway.

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