Why Should You Have A Pre-Wedding Shoot



9 Benefits of a Pre-Wedding Shoot



Many of my couples say to me “….but I will never look like this couple in our photographs” and at that point I have to disagree and tell you all about the pre-wedding shoot and why it is important.

Here are 9 reasons why taking advantage of  your pre-wedding shoot is a must…..

  1. Eliminates your camera nerves

The main reason for this type of shoot is to eliminate those nerves. I know how hard it can be stood in front of a camera to start with, but believe me when I say, everyone tells me after their shoot, that they actually really enjoyed it. This time is all about putting your fears to one side and making you feel comfortable, so come your wedding day, you know exactly what to expect.

  1. Getting to know you

I love nothing more than finding out all about you, your likes, dislikes, how you interact with each other. I get to know your personalities, your funny little quirks that attracted you to each other. We will chat about your wedding day and how you see your day unfold. This all results in a more relaxed wedding day.

  1. You getting to know me

Everything I have said above but in reverse. This is your chance to ask me anything you like. Along the way I give you lots of little hints and tips, that are invaluable on your big day.

  1. A Different Location

This session gives you the perfect opportunity to choose another favourite location for your shoot. It could be your favourite walk, where you met, your favourite restaurant, a country park, the choices are endless.

  1. A Different Time of Year

Take advantage of this time and choose a different season in which to have your shoot. So if you are getting married in summer, take advantage of wrapping up warm for a winter shoot. Getting married in spring, then enjoy the beautiful warm tones of Autumn.

  1. Hair & Make-Up Trial

It gives you the chance to have a hair and make-up trial and for you to be certain, you are going for the style you like and your make-up is perfect for you and you are camera ready!

  1. Images to use for your ‘Save The Date’

You will, I have no doubt….LOVE your images and if you have your session early enough, you can use your favourite image for a ‘Save the Date’ card and make sure everyone has your special date in their diaries.

  1. Guest Signing Book

Instead of having a plain papered guest book at your wedding, why not let me turn your beautiful images into something truly special and create you a ‘Guest Signing Book’. Look back on your images and well wishes with fond memories.

  1. Do’s & Don’ts


Don’t just take my word for it though, check out some of my previous pre-wedding shoot……..Here is the gorgeous Liz & Geoff

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