Groomed – All Tied Up


All Tied Up


How do you choose a tie?

The Groom’s tie is something that comes up regularly in my wedding consultations a couple of weeks before your wedding. Mainly, what colour the groom should go for; should it match that of the groomsmen and the second question is always, can I give tips on the correct way to tie the tie? 

Let’s talk about colours first…

Firstly, talk to your partner about colours that they feel work well with the theme chosen for your wedding.  A colour that compliments with your chosen palette, is easier to work with. If you have groomsmen, let them wear ties of a different colour to make you stand out more, especially if you plan on wearing the same suits.

There are several ways to tie a traditional tie:

The Windsor  The Half-Windsor  Four-In-Hand  Prince Albert  Van Wijk Knot  Victoria Knot

Here is an excellent website with the visual aids and videos on how to get the perfect knot

The Bow Tie

There is something rather dashing about ‘The Bow Tie’ and has made a comeback in recent years. Traditionally, it used to be worn with a tuxedo but there are plenty of options to modernise it. 

If you’re having a black-tie wedding, you may think about sticking with a black bow tie, traditionally in satin, silk or grosgrain (close woven silk or synthetic with narrow horizontal ribs) but you can choose silver or white to stand out more. If you’re opting for a more casual look, maybe choose a pattern or stripe and maybe choose wool or linen.

How to size your bow tie

Each bow tie has a neck strap which will have an adjustable slider or a hook and holes with measurements so that you can set your bow tie for your own fit. If in doubt you can always ask your tailor.

How to tie a Bow Tie

I have turned up to many a wedding with the groomsmen watching videos the morning of the wedding, trying desperately to work it all out. I suggest making time the week before your wedding and getting to grips with this. You don’t need added stress the morning of your wedding.

As with the traditional tie, there are several different ways to tie your bow tie…

Butterfly  Straight Edge  Diamond Point

I have searched the internet for you to find the easiest way to tie a bow tie


I also just want to touch on the cravat.

They’re basically ties with wider pieces of fabric, and there are a few ways of styling them to create different looks. Normally paired with morning suits to give a more formal look to finish the traditional groomswear look, cravats are making a comeback and can also be worn with a three-piece suit.

A cravat is worn inside a shirt and will be more relaxed and not as tight as a conventional tie, giving you a dapper edge. It is a great alternative for a summer wedding.

Casual Cravat  Formal Ascot Cravat

I look forward to photographing you on your wedding day and seeing which style of tie you go for.

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