A Trip Down Memory Lane
With Harriet & Rob



Harriet and Rob chose a ‘Trip down memory lane’ for their pre-wedding shoot.

When asking how romantic their proposal was, I found myself very quickly laughing along with Harriet & Rob. I heard how Rob had proposed in various ways, a dozen times, all seeming romantic to me. Yes you read that right!!! What….. Harriet you said NO how many times to the poor guy? It very quickly materialised that Rob just hadn’t done it for real. “You see” said Harriet, “Our Rob here is a little Joker” Then one day Rob proposed for real! It was romantic. Along on one of their favourite walks, Rob carved the letters ‘R & H’ into a tree and proposed on the spot. Was it a case of Peter and the Wolf? I think not! Harriet said yes and the walk down memory lane was a very special walk indeed.

I am really looking forward to photographing Harriet and Rob’s wedding in May at the beautiful Wooton Park I will just need to watch out for what surprises Rob may have in store!