A Stratford Wedding With Harriet & Will

14 Sep 2017
Karen Massey



Harriet & Will lead busy lives running their own business, so my first chance to catch up with them was just a few days before the wedding, excitement brewing as I heard all their little details.

As I arrived both Will and his Best Man Paul suddenly scooted into action.  They were soon to be at church and time was slipping by.

The forecast had been rain, so they couldn’t believe their luck with the sun shining.  I knew just how much hard work that had gone into arranging the special day they had always dreamed of, so the weather was the only thing that relied on luck!

The church was conveniently located over the road from where Harriet was getting ready, which also happened to be the exquisite venue for their celebrations, Harriet’s family home.

As I arrived there was a hive of activity, flowers everywhere designed by a family friend, Julie. The scent was Heavenly. Bridesmaids running around with last minute details, Jane & John (Harriets Parents) still adding the final touches to their home, ready to welcome their family and friends in just a few short hours. The place looked A-MAZ-ING, it took my breath away.

I always love the moment between father and daughter when he sees his daughter for the first time, just before the wedding, I didn’t tell Harriet or Jane but I had a tear in my eye.

The rest of the day was just as glorious as the start.

What an absolute pleasure it was to photograph your wedding day. Jane & John, your hospitality was heart warming, I left feeling like part of the family.

Harriet and Will I wish you all the happiness in the world.

Will, long may you look at your surprise gift from Harriet, which will always remind you, just how much “In Love” you really are!

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