Hotel Interior Photography


I was thrilled to be invited back to Woodland Grange by Make Venues I simply couldn’t resist the opportunity to capture their beautifully refurbished restaurant, which I’m sure any guest would love to dine in.

The stunning design by Mayan Interiors and the gorgeous artificial plants from Oasis Plants truly add to the ambience and make the space feel warm and inviting. I’ve attached a few images for you to see for yourself! What I love about the design and space is the soft, diffused lighting, creating a relaxing and intimate setting. The chairs are upholstered in beautiful soft luxurious fabrics, and the tables are well-spaced, providing diners with plenty of room to relax and enjoy their meal.

One thing that I love about professional interior photography is that it can help showcase a hotel’s unique brand and style. By highlighting the hotel’s aesthetic and values, it can set it apart from competitors and attract guests who appreciate those same qualities. This, in turn, can lead to more loyal and satisfied customers.