Perseverance, Preparation, and Embracing New Experiences


This post about personal pride slightly differs from my others and explains how it translates in business.

Yesterday, I dropped my 18-year-old daughter off at Heathrow. Now, before I go any further, Amelia has never been away alone….ever!

I’m super proud as she heads off to the States for 4 months on the trip of a lifetime with Camp America!

Amelia’s unwavering determination has been an inspiration, from taking the first step and applying to navigating the intricate visa application process, booking health checks, and creating new online friendships to the poignant moment of departure at the airport. Her resilience and tenacity are not just admirable but also crucial in her personal and professional journeys.

Her journey reminded me of the importance of persistence and preparation in business. Whether securing a visa for international travel or confirming a new business client, the process often involves multiple steps and potential setbacks. Here are a few business lessons we can draw from Amelia’s adventure:

Perseverance Pays Off: Just as Amelia diligently followed through with her visa application, staying the course and persisting through challenges are key to achieving business success.

Preparation is Crucial: From packing bags to ensuring all paperwork is in order, meticulous preparation can make all the difference. In business, thorough preparation can turn opportunities into successful outcomes.

Embrace New Experiences: Amelia is about to embark on an incredible journey, embracing every new experience that comes her way. Staying open to new opportunities and experiences can lead to growth and innovation in business.

Enjoy every day, Amelia, and cherish every minute. I’m a very proud mum.