Why a headshot should represent YOU and YOUR business.


I don’t often get in front of the camera myself but I do know how important it is to make sure your images represent who you are and ensure you are recognisable, so in other words, when you meet someone whether that be through business or socially, it’s important to actually represent who you are.

I have been recognised time and over because I have stayed constant with my images online and the feel of the images I have used hopefully represents my personality…..warm, friendly, approachable, personable and professional.

📸 Here are three tips on the advantages of having great quality headshots/imagery.

1: Great imagery helps you establish who you and your business are. A professional image can enhance your credibility in the eyes of potential clients, colleagues or employers. Whether you’re building a personal brand, updating your LinkedIn profile, or applying for jobs, a polished headshot can make a significant difference.

2: Memorable and Recognisable: We are primarily in a digital age, where networking and online presence play a crucial role, so having a standout headshot can make you more memorable and recognisable. It helps people remember your face and associate it with your name, making it easier for them to recall you in professional settings or when they’re seeking your services.

3: Versatility: A great headshot can be used across a wide range of platforms and applications. From your website, social media profiles, online portfolios, conference materials, or speaking engagements. A well-captured headshot can be a very versatile tool. It ensures consistency across different platforms, making it easier for others to connect with you and your brand.